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So many are suffering in countless ways due to the current pandemic, financial is one of them. Not many are aware of the Victorian Government Utility Relief Grant.

If you’ve had a significant decrease in income or are on some a Concession, Health Care or Pension card, you might be eligible for up to $650.00 paid by the Government on your Gas, Electric and Water ($650 per utility not combined).

You can find more information on the site below and you can also call your energy or water company’s hardship department to find out if you qualify and apply.

I’m unsure if other states have a similar program under a different name, it would be worthwhile having a conversation with your provider to see and even if there isn’t, they can help with payment plans etc. to help to take stress out of your life.

For anyone that is experiencing Financial Hardship at the moment or has been for a while, I strongly recommend reaching out to the National Debt Helpline ( ).

I personally have used them before and they can get you in touch with a local Financial Counsellor near you that can assist you with your finances and debts. The Financial Counsellor that I met with was such a wonderful woman that completely turned my finances around and helped me get out of a lot of anxiety relating to the level of debt I was in.

I’m unsure how busy they are with COVID at the moment, but it’s worth the time.